Once-Weekly Basal Insulin vs. Degludec in T1DM

Basal Insulin Fc (BIF) vs Degludec in Type 1 Diabetes Patients Using Multiple Daily Injections

Study design: Phase 2, randomized, parallel, open-label study

Population: 265 patients with type 1 diabetes (T1D) using multiple daily injections

  • Number of patients studied: 265
  • Inclusion criteria: Patients with T1D
  • Exclusion criteria: Not provided


  • Experimental group: BIF once weekly
  • Control group: Degludec once daily

Primary outcome: HbA1c change from baseline to week 26

Secondary/ Safety outcomes

Safety OutcomesBIF once weekly vs. Degludec
HbA1c change from baseline to week 26Noninferior
Percent time in range (TIR) (70-180 mg/dL)Similar at week 26 (BIF: 56.1%; Degludec: 58.9%)
Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) fasting glucose (FG) levelSignificantly higher for BIF (158.8 mg/dL) compared to degludec (143.2 mg/dL)
Rate of hypoglycemia (CGM-derived)Not statistically significantly different for BIF and degludec over 24h
Occurrence of serious adverse eventsSimilar between BIF and degludec groups


Once-weekly BIF demonstrated noninferior glycemic control to once-daily degludec (treatment difference: 0.17% favoring degludec) and no difference in hypoglycemia or other safety findings in patients with T1D.

Christof M. Kazda, Juliana M. Bue-Valleskey, Jenny Chien, Qianyi Zhang, Emmanuel Chigutsa, William Landschulz, Paula Wullenweber, Axel Haupt, Dominik Dahl; Novel Once-Weekly Basal Insulin Fc Achieved Similar Glycemic Control With a Safety Profile Comparable to Insulin Degludec in Patients With Type 1 Diabetes. Diabetes Care 1 May 2023; 46 (5): 1052–1059.